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Kashish Hemnani

Posted on February 22 2017


How to spot the “Laykh Lady”? Her wardrobe consists of clean cut silhouettes, minimalist and modern in the same breath. She is feminine and elegant, striking, and wears only natural make up – there is no need to match your eye lids with your outfits ladies! (One of my biggest pet peeves!)

Real life Laykh Ladies would include, Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria, Kate Beckinsale and Angelina Jolie to name a few but today on our first Laykh Ladies blog entry I have to feature my current girl crush! She is the one and only first lady from Aabuddin, our first Laykh Lady – Leila Al Fayed played by the stunning Moran Atias on the hit TV show Tyrant!

At a time in television with no Sex and the City, Gossip Girl or Lipstick Jungle I was starved for a much needed dose of wardrobe watching and then came Leila on Tyrant!

When the character of Leila made her first appearance she glided through her palace in an impeccable tailored white flowing ensemble. Her makeup was perfect, the no makeup look with a subtle winged liner and hair out of a Patene Pro-V commercial. No matter how ridiculous the plot gets I am forever a loyal viewer just to see what Leila’s wears next and now she is dating Mr. Big……how things comes full circle!

Much of Leila’s on screen time is spent strutting up and down palace corridors where she rarely carries any arm candy so let’s have some fun! Below are my favorite Leila Al Fayed looks paired with my pick of the perfect Laykh pictured above.

Top Left ~ SIENNA Minaudiere in a Metallic Gunmetal Python Belly
This metallic finish in the gunmetal pewter is dressier and the perfect alternative to any solid black bag. It just adds that extra glam factor and goes well with the maroon and sheer black dress.

Top Middle ~ LANE Clutch in a Silver Champagne Python Belly
This is the perfect tone of champagne – shiny but with just a slight metallic sheen, the perfect pep to compliment the grey and the plumage detail of the outfit. In our LANE style small size it is a structured yet soft silhouette it is the ideal match for an outfit that is formal and flirty!

Top Right ~ MONIKA Minaudiere in a Silver Champagne Python Back.
The same skin as our above Lane pick but in the back cut. Note to self – when wearing a garment made from chiffon or georgette fabric carry certain snake skin/ python bags with caution as the scales can sometimes snag at the fabric. Sticking to a bag with the smallest scales or a softer finish is definitely the smarter choice! This is a great match for any evening clutch – especially with this shaded teal grey gown.

Bottom Left ~ AMEESHA Clutch in a Large Natural Python Back.
The natural python is the ideal neutral for any outfit but in the large skin the python is bigger and bolder – the best companion for such a royal color and a forward silhouette.

Bottom Middle ~ NICO Clutch in the White Lizard
For such a chic statement carrying a metallic bag again could look corny and break up the flow of the look which is why I opted for the solid white clutch. Note to self – there are times that accessories should take a back seat to the outfit – especially with one as special that this one.

Bottom Right ~ LINDSAY Clutch in the Metallic Bronze Alligator
In all my years of sourcing metallics – this is by far the best bronze that I have ever found – the ultimate wardrobe staple and incredibly versatile. This rich red and gorgeous gold dress alongside the LINDSAY clutch is like a jigsaw – they just fit! The size of this clutch, is it not too big, not too small – it is just right!

Till our next Laykh Lady…. See you soon x

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