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Kashish Hemnani

Posted on February 13 2017


Ever since I can remember I have breathlessly awaited the red carpet season followed by Fashion Police! There is nothing more exciting then seeing our favorite faces of TV and film sport the latest fashion fresh off the runways! When they get it right it can be a magical moment remembered for years to come and even more fascinating that despite amidst all the stylists and designer options they can still get it horribly wrong leaving me speechless…

So here it is, the first red carpet to kick off every year’s award season, my best picks from the Golden Globe Red Carpet 2017 and to add a pinch of Laykh to the mix I have also paired them with the perfect Laykh! So here goes, read as I channel my inner Joan Rivers!
(As pictured above – from left to right – top to bottom!)

MANDY MOORE in Naeem Khan
I love love love this look – for the first time ever I feel Mandy Moore has just hit it out of the park! Sometimes capes can be a bit over bearing but in this flowy silk georgette it is so ethereal. The plunging neck line is perfect, keeping this dress youthful and balances out the amount of fabric. (She also has the perfect body for such a plunging neckline) Her 1920 inspired hair keeping her curls soft and her smokey eyes and nude lip – flawless! Loving the lack of accessories which really allows this dress to stand out and her to shine! It is just perfectly tailored and looks so comfortable SHE is WEARING this dress!
LAYKH PICK: Our SIENNA Minaudiere in an emerald green and gunmetal clasp is the perfect pop of to this all black look. Carrying an accessory in such a rich color keeps the look elegant. Sometimes pairing super bright colored accessories will full black outfits can look corny – Avoid!

I just saw this dress and fell in love! I love all white numbers and with the metallic sequins detailing at the bottom of this dress in that gorgeous bronze – I have never seen anything like it before and in reality is oh so simple! In my eyes – bronze trumps gold, it looks more rich and forward. Her body is slamming to pull off such a fitted white dress, it is impeccably tailored and the white against her skin tone is just incredible. Love the hair pulled back with a off the shoulder neckline showing off her collar bones. I am not sure how I feel about the necklace – think we could have done without that. Makeup again – flawless, the perfect amount of bronzer and liner – BRAVO!
LAYKH PICK: Our NICO Clutch in the White Lizard – for such a chic statement carrying a metallic bag again could look corny and break up the flow of the look which is why I opted for the solid white clutch. Note to self – there are times that accessories should take a back seat to the outfit – especially with one as special that this one.

EMMA STONE in Valentino
Ms. Stone is one of my red carpets favorites and never fails to impress. The color of the dress is the perfect blush that doesn’t wash her out, with the perfect amount of silver bead work that doesn’t way down the fabric she glided along the carpet with ease and knew she was working it. Her hair in this loose but structured up do and her make up with this rose lip is just perfection!
LAYKH PICKS: Our MONIKA minaudiere in a silver champagne python. The perfect tone of silver to compliment the beading on this Valentino, not shiny but just a slight metallic sheen. Note to self – when wearing a garment made from chiffon or georgette fabric carry certain snake skin/ python bags with caution as the scales can sometimes snag at the fabric. Sticking to a bag with the smallest scales or a softer finish is definitely the smarter choice!

See – this is a black and white dress that actually works! Black and white dresses are a real hit or miss especially when the base is white and the accents are in black. We saw a lot of black and white horrors on the red carpet this year, the main one being Sophie Turner, followed by Janelle Monae and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. On Naomi – the architecture of the dress is impeccable – with the black streaming through the white, the perfect corset and the waves of fabric at the hip – only a fierce woman could pull this off and so she did – WELL DONE!
LAYKH PICK: Our SIENNA in a metallic gunmetal. A solid black bag could be a bit harsh but something is a gunmetal is a bit softer and the metallic finish is modern and striking – the perfect match with a gown like this.

Ok so – it is very hard to find an embellished, beaded, sheer low neck gown that actually works and here we have one! The beading is intricate and full but still elegant – which is a hard balance to find. The gown is perfectly tailored to her body and that plunging neckline with the sheer panel is flawless!! I like the hair – but I feel the tone of the dress is washing her out – a scarlet red lip would have brightened up her face and would have matched my Laykh Pick!
LAYKH PICK: The SIENNA in the red python belly. It is a matte finish so won’t be snagging at your beading and just peps up the whole look!

This is couture maternity wear at it’s best! She makes pregnancy look effortless and looks like she is simply floating down the red carpet. It is that perfect shade of yellow/ mustard in this rich silk fabric, the minimal embroidery is elegant giving space for her to accessorize with those perfect diamond rings, earrings and bracelet. Sometime with a silhouette like this, she does run the risk of looking ancient but her pink lips gives the is perfect youthful pop! The hair is my only thing I am not sure of but when I think of an up-do/ a formal pony tail or hair down – none of those work. I think if there was a little more height/ volume a.k.a. a small poof in her hair it would looked more current and not so maternal.
LAYKH PICK: The SIENNA in a silver sheen python with a gold clasp. This bag is just perfectly made for this dress – the silver in the python has dull grey tones perfectly matching her jewelry and the gold clasp totally works with the fabric.

And there we have it – my best picks of the Golden Globes 2017, all strong women who are comfortable in their skin and It shows! Be in touch after the SAG awards!

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