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A LAYKH LOOK with the NICO White Lizard Clutch

Kashish Hemnani

Posted on January 08 2018

A LAYKH LOOK with the NICO White Lizard Clutch

Every 1st of Jan there is an undeniable sense of relief and hope that we can begin this new year with a clean fresh slate – in keeping with this image I could think of nothing more fitting then to kick of my blog featuring the NICO clutch in a white lizard on our first LAYKH LOOKS post!

Up until recently white was synonymous with “plain” but by now, everyone knows there is nothing more chic. A woman in a white outfit or adorned with white accessories looks innately luxurious; maybe because it’s a less practical choice than some of the other available options, that woman’s life must have an ease to it that’s not available to everyone. Of course that impression isn’t always in sync with reality but it’s an undeniably elegant look to those who put in a little extra effort to pull it off!

Now I know what you’re thinking; white attracts dirt from the moment it is removed from its packaging. I am quite picky about white bags for just this reason which is why I fell in love with the white lizard. Unlike the alternative white leather options, whether it be a python, ostrich or a lambskin or cow hide which are all softer therefore prone to absorbing dirt or dye – we have all seen our denims attack our light coloured bags and win! With the white lizard – not only is it a perfect crisp solid white but it has a glaze finish providing further protection aka – it doesn’t discolor the way other white leathers do!

Here’s a little tip = should your bag attract some dirt the best way to get rid of it is to use an eraser/ chunk of raw rubber and gently rub the dirt away – Walla! All gone! #justlikedidiseven

Style wise, Nico is the quintessential clutch carried by a lady heading to the Ascot! It’s sleek silhouette is further celebrated when made in the rich firm lizard leather and when made in white it stands out against the pastels of the spring and is a breath of fresh air in the doldrums of the winter greys!

The looks below are inspired by the fabulous instagrammer Upcloseandstylish
Wearing a slightly oversized coat is automatically slimming – to up the fun factor try one with a pop of color, tuck a silk tank into a tight neutral mini and pair it with some sexy shoes! To keep the look unified take a lead from the coat and follow the colors all the way through your look, no matter what color you choose the Nico will always work.

#GirlsNightOut #DinnerandDrinks
There is something about a white blazer that just makes even the most boring tank and jeans look trendy! For those “I feel fat”/ “I have nothing to wear” days wear a comfy set of ripped jeans, loosely tuck in a tank top – any color you like, pair of heels (neutral if your tank is bold) with the NICO. Even for a night look – the NICO’s size is bold but not overpowering. Work it!

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