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Kashish Hemnani

Posted on August 20 2018


As many of us do, I would cyber stalk my fave fashion icons for outfit inspiration – my victims of choice include Victoria Beckham, Kate Beckinsale and Eva Longoria to name a few! I am a non clutter sort of gal and applaud their clean cut elegant aesthetic, I began to notice that in all the looks I loved the finishing touch was always a magnificent exotic skin handbag. Whether it was the Birkin, a Zagliani python bag or a Nancy Gonzalez oversized croc clutch they added instant vogue points to their look.

The power of the exotic skin handbag dawned on me, how the luxurious textured skins can transform a simple jeans and t-shirt day into a picture worthy street style moment and those “nothing to wear” days go from frustrating to fabulous!

I lusted after the gorgeous arm candy and went on a hunt, I found the infamous python bags and clutches from Bali retailing at $50-250, well within my budget but the leathers were tough and hard, they hardly screamed opulence. The Independent designers I came across had better quality but from a design standpoint are way too crazy for me, either multi colored or covered in rhinestones! Sometimes a good “basic” is the hardest find.

No one was catering to the “real” woman, or whom I like to call the “Laykh Woman” the real everyday fashionista always on the go, with a taste for luxury. The woman who does not command a finance salary but still wants to own a piece of luxury or the woman who is so used to beautiful things, she can afford the major brands but is looking for something fresh and new.

Before I knew it I located the Gucci owned tannery that supplies to the world’s power fashion houses and I discovered an incredibly talented local workshop specializing in handmade exotic leather bags. Zagliani’s famous Star Clutch made in a metallic python belly retails at $2215 and now I could create a striking piece using the exact same stunning skin for $575! I designed 30 bags and had all my girlfriends take a questionnaire, the top 10 bags went into work and I launched in 2009 – 7 years ago.

LAYKH is what I had been looking for and could not find, it captures the essence of luxury. A fresh take on the classics, not cluttered with chains or logos the silhouettes are sexy and streamlined only encouraging your fashion choices effortlessly transitioning from the boardroom to the dance floor!

“Fashion is not a Luxury and Quality not a Privilege.” – Laykh


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